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The new Marlux® Disposable Hospital Curtain System is radically changing the way that hospitals balance the problem of hygiene versus cost and time.


Usually, hospital curtains are the only item not routinely changed before a new patient is admitted to hospital. Bed and lockers are disinfected, freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases are put on the bed, but the patient inherits the same dirty bed curtain, from the last patient, the one before that and the one before that.


The very best NHS policy only intends to routinely change the cubicle curtains four times a year. Many hospitals openly admit that they have no specific policy other than to ‘fire-fight’ changing curtains from one infection outbreak to the next.


Marlux® offer the health service a real solution to ensure that a better practice is available to all and this can be achieved by using Marlux® Disposable Privacy Curtains for Cubicles and Disposable Window Curtains.

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