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Marlux® Uni-Glide Disposable Curtains


Marlux Uni-Glide Antibacterial Disposable Curtains featuring built-in Microban technology for added protection.


Marshall bäst Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of disposable privacy curtains to NHS and private healthcare.


3G Silver™ antibacterial technology from Microban is built into the Marlux curtains at the point of manufacture to provide a valuable and effective tool to aid the fight in infection control.

Manufactured from high quality, durable and recyclable

non-woven polypropylene fabric and incorporating a unique

welded and stackable glider design


Three standard widths are available: 7.2m, 3.6m and 1.8m all

with a 1950mm standard drop


4 standard stock colours are available for immediate supply

together with a wide range of bespoke colours via our custom

made service


Marlux curtains are lightweight to aid health and safety



Unique anti-peel label with date last changed


Fire retardant to BS 5867-2: 2008 type C


Marlux is a BSi certified company to ISO 9001:2008

marlux uniglide curtains showing label
swatch showing four curtain colour choices

Microban 3G Silver™


The Microban portfolio of antibacterial technologies includes a new line

of third generation silver-based technologies. These “3G” silver technologies

offer efficiencies that will help to keep products more hygienic by working

continuously to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Provides continuous antibacterial efficacy

Inorganic and highly temperature stable

Does not contain silver nano-particles - Microban antibacterial technology is not based on nano-technology

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