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fast-fit disposable curtain hanging on main cubicle track

Marbast® Fast-Fit Cubicle Track


Marbast® Fast-Fit Track is the strongest hospital cubicle track system available and is used in most hospitals throughout the UK. The high quality, heavy section aluminium system is available in white coated finish as standard.


Marbast® Fast-Fit Cubicle Track is a high grade system for providing curtain track around cubicles, irrespective of ceiling height or type. Additional fitting allow for lateral stability where wall fixings are not available, and for accommodating problems associated with obtaining fixings in front of window openings. An important design feature of the Marbast® Fast-Fit Track is its compatibility with Marlux Disposable Curtains which can be fitted in seconds as opposed to the hours it takes to fit conventional curtains. Conventional curtains can also be used on this system with the unique'clip-on''clip-off' hook. The system is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.


Marbast® Cubicle Track is intended to be principally for supporting curtains for hospital beds and changing cubicles although may also be used for providing curtains for baths and showers and as room dividers. Fast-Fit Window Track can be installed to all types of window openings and can also be shaped to fit a wide range of bays and shaped areas.


Specification Composition, manufacture.

The basic rail is an aluminium extrusion of the section shown above, with a flexible PVC capping to prevent collection of dust. It is manufactured in straight lengths of up to 6m long. A variety of factory formed radius bends are available. The aluminium extrusion is to BS EN 755 PART 9, specification BS EN 573.


Brackets are available for securing end of the track where it meets the wall at right-angles, and for fixing direct to the ceiling. Special brackets are used where the track meets the wall at an angle, for instance where the track must be cranked to avoid a window. Rail connectors are used to join one cubicle to the next, in order to give stability.


A system of vertical support units is used where the track must be suspended from the ceiling. The track may be suspended from the structural soffit through a suspended ceiling, or through a ceiling tile into a plywood pad. In this instance addition support wires are fitted at each corner of the tile grid by the ceiling contractor.


The combined runners and hooks are in injection molded nylon. They fit onto the outside of the track as illustrated. Ten runners are supplied to each metre of track.



The only maintenance required to preserve the appearance of the track and the suspension system is an occasional clean with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent solution. The application of silicone also helps the gliders to run smoothly. A periodic check should be carried out to ensure that constant usage has not loosened fixings.


Hanging Curtains

Having cleaner curtains is an important tool in the battle against hospital acquired infections. With the Marbast® Fast-Fit Cubicle track system disposable curtains can taken down and new curtains fitted in seconds but you still have the option to use conventional curtains and even then, hanging curtains is far easier than with other systems because of the unique'clip-on' 'clip-off' hook which allows you to hook up the curtains before snapping the hooks onto the track rather than having to offer a heavy bulky curtain up to the hook that sits locked inside a channel as is the case with other systems.



Other cubicle track systems have gliders that run inside a channel which gathers dust and dirt. The gliders are locked inside the channel and not only are they impossible to disinfect, they're extremely difficult to replace. The Marbast® Fast-Fit Track System runs on an external surface that can easily be cleaned. The hooks can easily be removed and disinfected and replacement hooks added easily.



All Marbast® Fast-Fit Cubicle Track System installations carried out by Marshall Bäst Limited are guaranteed for 10 years.

nurse closing cubicle curtain
illustration of marlux fast fit cubicle track
plunger in allowing the application of new curtains on track

With plunger pushed in Fast-fit Curtains can be added or removed in seconds

plunger down stopping new curtains from coming off the track

With plunger pulled down curtains are retained on the cubicle track

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