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Marbäst® Anti Ligature Systems


Marbast Anti Ligature Systems are designed to contribute to the aim of reducing the risk of attempted suicide from hospital bed cubicle and shower tracks, window curtain track, vertical and roller blinds in accordance with NHS Estates Alert NHSE (2004) 10.


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Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems should never be regarded as a complete solution to attempted suicide however no part of a Marbast® installation should be able to withstand an unauthorised vertical load of 40kg with most readings being within the region of 15 – 30kg depending on the configuration and positioning of brackets. The minimum figure should be around 12kg but if less then contact the manufacturer for advice.



Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems require virtually no maintenance in normal use however a periodic visual inspection of fittings to identify any possible damage or tampering with fittings is advisable. Where Marlux® Fast-fit Disposable Curtains are in use this can easily be incorporated into the quarterly track maintenance programme (where applicable).


Safety Warning

Articles suspended using Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems will come down when the authorised load has been exceeded and it is therefore inevitable that when operated the system could cause or suffer damage. It is essential that other medical equipment, lockers, shelving or other obstacles must not prevent collapse when activated.


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Magnetic Anti-Ligature Screw Cover
Magnetic Anti-Ligature Wall Bracket with Counter Plate
Magnetic Anti-Ligature Ceiling Plate


Magnetic Anti-Ligature Wall Bracket with Counter Plate



Magnetic Anti-Ligature Screw Cover



Magnetic Anti-Ligature Ceiling Plate

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