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Marlux adaptatrak system close up detail

Marlux® Adaptatrack System


Converting your existing curtain track couldn't be easier with the Marlux® Adapatatrack System.


Simply remove the gliders from your existing system and insert the track adapter into the bottom channel. Insert available in 18 metre coils.


Fit the retaining pin and your now ready to use the Marlux® Fast-Fit Curtains and benefit by saving hours each time you change the curtains.

Simple Installation Procedure:

remove existing hooks
position adaptatrak
push adaptatrak in to cubicle track
follow natural curve of track
Never insert the adapt-a-track against the curl.
At the curtain loading point end cut the adapt-a-trak leaving 30mm gap

Remove all existing gliders and hooks from the cubicle track.




Position the adapt-a-track into one end and push in, ensuring that the adapt-a-track is close to the wall.



Push the adapt-a-track into the cubicle track; make sure that both sides of the arrow head are completely inside the channel.


When adapting a curved piece of cubicle track you must ensure that you follow the natural curve of the adapt-a-track.



Never insert the adapt-a-track against the curl.




At the curtain stacking end of the track, ensure that the adapt-a-track is against the wall. At the curtain loading point end cut the adapt-a-track leaving a gap of 30mm.

leave 40mm gap on straight edge
re fit end stop to keep secure
drill two holes for retaining pins
place retaining pins
plac another retaining pin
clean both glide channels with silicone tissue

Where a straight track butts up to a curved piece of track cut the adapt-a-track 40mm short giving the curtains sufficient clearance to pass and check to make sure this the case.


On the curtain loading point end, with the 30mm gap, re-fit end stop to keep adapt-a-track secure.



Using a 4mm drill bit. Drill two holes at the curtain stacking end of the adapt-a-track 5mm apart.




Place a retaining pin in each of the previously drilled holes.




Using a 4mm drill bit. Drill one hole at the loading point end of the adapt-a-track and place a retaining pin in the hole.


Finally take a silicone tissue and wipe both sides of the glide channels.

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